Lost Mine of Phandelver (Roll20 Run by Venger Sr.)

The Old Owl Well
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While travelling the Triibor Trail, the party was attacked by a pair of Ogres. Jack Tailor hacked and slashed the hide of on of them while Taman out a few arrows into its shoulder. Drayven finished him off with a rapier and then proceed to stomp the corpse of the bully. The party left the remaining ogre to fall to her fallen husband.

While camping on the trail later that night, the team hunted down a deer and tried to harvest it for its meat. But they were only able to get the entrails and other visceral organs.

Their meal was interrupted by an attack from Orcs; the attackers posed little threat and were easily defeated.

The party arrived at Old Owl Well stumbled upon a dozen zombies while searching the grounds. Just at the party seemed as if they would be overwhelmed by the sheer number of zombies, a mage appeared and called off the attack. Jack tried to cut off his arms but was tackled by Drayven. Taman spoke with the mage and learned that a pack of orcs has been responsible for the slayings at the well. They are camped nearby at a place called Wyvern Tor. The party also learned of a vain banshee named Agatha who lives in the area.

Adventures on the Tribor Trail

Having killed the Redbrand Ruffians and rescuing mirna, the players returned to the inn and accepted payment. After visiting the Miner’s Exchange to resupply, the party met with Halia Thornton. Thornton, a retired adventurer set the team on a quest to find out who has taken over the Old Owl Well. The well supplies water to many towns int he area and people have been getting killed while trying to retrieve water.

The party set out for the well via The Triboar trail. On the first day of the journey, they were attacked by a pack of dire wolves. While Drayven clung to life after sustaining heavy damage, the party dispatched the wolves and decided to camp before resuming their quest.

Enter The Redbrands

Once they party arrived in Phandalin, the immediately set their sights on the Stonehill Inn. They rested, ate, and drank until their stomachs could handle no more.

Mrs. Stonehill, the innkeeper’s wife was impressed by the party’s heroism and offered them a job. The job- find and take out the Redbrand Ruffians.

The Redbrands, a gang of thieves and killers were held up in a hideout located bellow Tresdan Manor on the outskirts of the city.

After sneaking in, dispatching a spider like pit monster, and killing a dozen ruffians, the party freed the imprisoned Mirna Dinbard * and her two teenaged daughters. Mirna had no money, but described an old family hierloom that was lost a generation ago in the ruins of Thundertree. She offered the location as payment for the party’s help

The ambush near Cragmaw Hideout

The players were employed by a businessman to escort a wagon load of goods to the town of Phandelin. Their travels were interrupted by ambushing goblins, but the players dispatched them with ease. After recognizing the treasure belonging to their employer, the players set off to find the goblin hideout and rescue the members of a caravan that had gone before them.

The slew a pack of wolves, survived trapped flooded cavern, and rescued character sildhar from the depths of the goblin cave. They boldly rested within the goblin hideout before setting out for the ciity of Phandalin


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