Lost Mine of Phandelver (Roll20 Run by Venger Sr.)

Enter The Redbrands

Once they party arrived in Phandalin, the immediately set their sights on the Stonehill Inn. They rested, ate, and drank until their stomachs could handle no more.

Mrs. Stonehill, the innkeeper’s wife was impressed by the party’s heroism and offered them a job. The job- find and take out the Redbrand Ruffians.

The Redbrands, a gang of thieves and killers were held up in a hideout located bellow Tresdan Manor on the outskirts of the city.

After sneaking in, dispatching a spider like pit monster, and killing a dozen ruffians, the party freed the imprisoned Mirna Dinbard * and her two teenaged daughters. Mirna had no money, but described an old family hierloom that was lost a generation ago in the ruins of Thundertree. She offered the location as payment for the party’s help



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